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Förderverein für in Not geratene Studierende - Association for students in need

The „Förderverein für in Not geratene Studierende“ was founded in 1992. We provide financial support in emergencies and in special hardships. The association members work entirely on a voluntary basis and with money from private donations as well as with support of the AStA and the TU Darmstadt.

How we help

All enrolled students at the TU Darmstadt are entitled to apply for an one-time financial support. The association‘s board assesses the eligibility for support according to detailed guidelines. The primarily fees which are covered by our help are those for health insurance, rent and semester fees. Special demands will be reviewed individually.

Meeting during Corona Pandemic

The Förderverein will meet as follows:
The applicant needs to prepare the following documents:

  1. A fully completed and signed application. It is important to write the reason for applying for support in the intended field in the application. Click here for the application.
  2. Copy of bank account statement of the last 3 months (obligatory)
  3. TUCaN print of the performance level (Leistungsspiegel) (obligatory)
  4. TUCaN print of the current enrollment certificate (Studienbescheinigung) (obligatory)
  5. Copy of the identity card or passport (the page with your photo) (obligatory)
  6. Possibly further supporting documents (optional)

Please put these documents in a sealed envelope addressed to Förderverein TU Darmstadt, AStA TU Darmstadt and leave it at the main gate of the old main building (altes Hauptgebäude, Hochschulstr. 1) or mail it to the following mailing address:

Förderverein für in Not geratene Studierende der TU Darmstadt e.V.
c/o AStA der TU Darmstadt
Hochschulstr. 1
64289 Darmstadt

After reviewing the documents, you will be sent an email with the decision or a link to a virtual meeting.

How to apply

Please submit the following documents:

  • enrollment certificate (Studienbescheinigung)
  • Bank Account statements from the past 6 months
  • Perhaps the rent contract (if you need help paying your room)
  • Perhaps requests for payment/ invoices
  • course assessments certificate (Leistungsspiegel)

Next Dates (2020)

each at 17:30 at the conference room AStA (S1|03/59). Please wait in the hallway.

  • May 13 2020 at 17:30
  • June 17 2020 at 17:30


Förderverein für in Not geratene Studierende der Technischen Universität Darmstadt e.V.
c/o AStA TU Darmstadt
Hochschulstraße 1
64289 Darmstadt

Donation account

Förderverein an der TU Darmstadt e.V.
Sparkasse Darmstadt​
IBAN: DE44508501500000618020
BLZ: 508 501 50
Kontonummer: 618 020

For donations up to EUR 50 your transfer section is considered as a donation receipt. For donations over 50 EUR or at your request we will be happy to issue a donation receipt.

Supporting Membership

You can become a supporting member as a natural or legal person and pay an amount at your own consideration. With your help and payment you make a significant contribution to the effort of the „Förderverein für in Not geratene Studierende“ in supporting students in need.