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Carsharing (small trucks/cars)

AStA has an ongoing/existing cooperation with a carsharing service provider book-n-drive. Carsharing through book-n-drive enables in Darmstadt usage of around 80 cars varying from a cabrio to a transporter, in particular also for short-term driving requirements. Cars can be booked online or through phone calls. When you want to get into the car, the door can be opened with your Athena card. Through the network with other carsharing service providers (e.g. Flinkster), usage is possible also in other cities

The location of all the cars is to be found in a map, especially for the transporters, with the measure of the vehicles and their located stations

In contrast to the regular tariff of Book-n-drive, the campus tariff provides following advantages, for an otherwise identical conditions

  • No starting price
  • Free insurance coverage  for damages, only 300 € instead of 1500 € to be paid by the person
  • 10 € starting gift coupon

Tariff model

Currently the book-n-drive has three different tariffs that could probably end with a deadline of two weeks till the end of the month.

The basic tariff is free. For costly drives, a comparison can be useful so that not to forget the price per kilometer to be taken into consideration.

Cars are available in limited numbers in the Hügelstraße and Rheinstraße. In Darmstadt, there is no transporter available at  the moment.

Additionally there are "City-Flitzer". With "City-Flitzer" cars it is possible to do an one way trip to an other "City-Flitzer" station in Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Frankfurt Airport. On this page are all information to "City-Flitzer". (Unfortunatly only in german)




  • Register here:
  • Please scroll down and use the registration button at the bottom!
  • If possible print the contract twice


  • You can book a car right after the registration
  • Booking a car online is free. If you choose to book via telephone it costs 1,50 €


  • Please come to the AStA-Office Stadtmitte or Lichtwiese
  • Please bring these documents
    • Driver's license
    • Student ID (Studienausweis)

Simplfied cancellation of the contract

When you require a car only once, you can cancel the contract directly after the usage.In the  AStA offices , there are forms readily available for the same purpose which you can fill and submit it there itself


In rare casses, problems can arise, in particular when

  • negativ Schufa-information
  • You do not have a valid  EU-driver’s license, but still temporariliy valid in Germany, becasue, you  live in Germany within six months

Please contact our office personnel, if one or the other regular offer is not applicable. We will try to find a solution, in particular, when you require only a transporter.