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Solidarity with Jewish and Muslim students affected by discrimination

Following the terrorist attack by Hamas on 7 October, we regret the civilian casualties of the war and express our sympathies for the families of the innocent civilians killed on both sides - Palestinians and Israelis. This is an issue that directly affects our student body. The student parliament is in favor of solidarity with all innocent victims of this war, as long as it happens in accordance with human rights.

In Germany, too, we are dismayed to realize that antisemitism and Islamophobia are on the rise again. The student body strongly condemns the acts of 7 October as well as the inhumane attacks on marginalized groups, especially Jews, in Germany and stands in solidarity with them.

We are particularly dismayed by the antisemitic and Islamophobic actions taking place in Darmstadt. In the course of this, we call on the AStA to offer students affected by antisemitism and Islamophobia a contact point and to draw public attention to them. Specifically, we call on the AStA to publish this statement on the website and to continue the antisemitism unit and the anti-discrimination unit.

In doing so, we are also following the call of the Jewish community in Darmstadt, which complains that although official policy has declared its support for Jews since the Hamas terror, it lacks such declarations in everyday life, with a few exceptions. Instead, Jews are increasingly experiencing hatred aimed at Israel and the Jewish community.

Germany and its citizens have a special role to play when it comes to antisemitism and discrimination. Particularly because of the acts of the pogrom night 85 years ago, we see it as our social responsibility to ensure that such atrocities against minorities never happen again in Germany.

The student parliament and our AStA must be among the groups that clearly stand against antisemitism and Islamophobia. We must not leave our Muslim and Jewish students without help in such a situation.

Never again is now!