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Foodsharing Fairteiler

What is the Fairteiler?

Since the beginning of 2014, the AStA has given the foodsharing Darmstadt group the opportunity to set up a "Fairteiler" in S1/03 room 63a.

The Fairteiler consists of a fridge and a shelf where you can put food that is still edible but that you can no longer manage to eat yourself and you can take whatever you are hungry for. In this way, we want to contribute to less food waste - and save our students' wallets.

How and when can I get to the Fairteiler?

You can download directions to the AStA below. The Fairteiler is located in the AStA corridor and is accessible Mon-Fri from approx. 08:00 to 20:00 (like the opening hours of the old central building) (S1/03 room 63a). At the weekend and in the evening or at night you can enter the old main building (S1/03) via the main entrance in Hochschulstraße 1 (large staircase) past the gate.

What food can I share?

Please only share food that you would eat yourself.
You can also share food after the best-before date if it is still good, but NOT after the use-by date.
The difference is written above the date: "best before" (the date is just a kind of promise of quality, you can smell or taste it without having to be afraid), or "use by" (there is a health risk after expiry).
Please keep these foods refrigerated:


  •     Pasta and potato salad
  •     Cakes with undercooked fillings such as bee sting
  •     Cream cakes

Food that should be stored at +2 to +8°C according to the packaging. Please use a cool bag or a cool box with a cold pack when picking up such food or for transportation to the hotspot. Food can contain germs that multiply rapidly at temperatures as low as 10°C and then pose a health risk.

These foods must not be shared via food sharing because they pose a potential health risk:


  •     Pork fat
  •     Minced beef
  •     Products made from unheated raw milk
  •     Freshly prepared food containing raw egg
  •     Creams and puddings, tiramisu and mayonnaise (if made with egg and milk)

Contact us

You can contact the local food sharing group at: