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What's an AStA?

AStA is the executive committee of the students council. It is elected by the members of the student parliament to lead the administrative, political work and to represent the students within and outside the university.

Some of the members of AStA introduce themselves here. You will find the elected representatives of AStA here.

What are the responsibilities of AStA precisely?

The responsibilities of the students union and (thereby AStA) on the basis of §77 in the Consititution of universities in Hessen

  • To represent the students
  • To address the higher education policy issues
  • To address the commercial and social issues that are not covered through Studentenwerk
  • To take care of the national and international student relationships
  • To promote political education and civic consciousness among the students
  • To support the cultural and musical interests of the students
  • To promote student sports provided the university is not responsible for that.

How is the work of AStA financed?

All students of TU Darmstadt, as members of the students union, pay a contribution of currently. 13,15 Euro per semester, which is included in the semester contribution

If you are keen to know more about the various split-ups of your semester fee, you can find it in the homepage of TU Darmstadt under 'Semester Fee'.