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International Student Identity Card

International Student Identity Card  (short ISIC) is a proof of student status recognised globably. With ISIC card, you happen to get discounts in more than 125 countries. Currently, with ISIC card, you get around 42000 international discounts and benefits, ranging from cheap flights to reduced prices for accomodation and entry into leading museums and theatres of the world. The ISIC card costs 15,00 Euros and is valid for 12 months (starting from the date of issue). It can be obtained immediately at one of the AStA offices in Stadtmitte (Downtown, altes Haupgebäude, old main building) or at the Lichtwiese campus. Please bring the following for the same.

  • Passport sized photo (2,5 cm * 3 cm)
  • personal identity card (or any photo identity card, passport, driver's License with a Proof of Residence document)
  • Student ID card of TU Darmstadt

For further information browse through the ISIC homepage