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Senate is where the policies related to structure, development and construction planning, budget, research, teaching , conduct of operation, doctoral work  , information management , quality in the university  are discussed.

The senate monitors the functioning and administration of the Presidium of the university

This council decides the general examination rules, rules for research and dissertation, forming the different senate councils and councils of different study departments , constitution of the executive committee of the senate, the list of people delegated from the senate to work on appointment procedures , in agreement with the presidum and also on the various consultation offers for students at the university.

It must take care of the constitution of part time study programmes, admission requirements, admission to different study programmes, examination and doctoral thesis related regulations, regulations for semester contributions, general usage rules, administration and nomination of grant of  honorary senators and honorary Doctor titles.

This council takes care of target objectives of the university, quality management, structural and developmental planning, budget planning, planning job descriptions, investments, suggestions from the department councils for the title of Professor, honorary professors, promotion of women, establishment and decommision of study programmes and their respective councils and also anti-corruption measures.

It names the members of the university council recommended by the presidium.

The official website of the Senate of TU Darmstadt lists its members and protocols.