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Student Parliament

The student parliament ( Stupa ) is the highest council of the students' union.
It comprises 31 representatives who are elected in summer semester every year. Among other tasks, this council is basically responsible for electing the AStA - the executive committee of the students' union and framing the budget of the student contribution from the semester fee.

The presidency of the student parliament comprises the following persons:

    Leopold Jaroljmek (President):
    Teresa Plauk (Vice-President):
    Timm Siesel (keeper of the minutes)
    Franziska Herbert (keeper of the minutes)

Student parties represented in this council for 2015/2016:

    ing+ (12 seats)
    Fachwerk (6 seats)
    Campusgruene (6 seats)
    Jusos und Unabhängige (4 seats)
    SDS - Sozialistisch Demokratischer Studierendenverband (3 seats)


the meeting of parliament is held normally every month in semester. it is open for ever student to be visitied

Current appointments and topics of discussion ( in German )

Mailing list

The mailing list is responsible for providing you with updates about the Stupa sessions.  You can subscribe or deregister here