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Student Parliament

The student parliament (Stupa) is the highest council of the students' union.
It comprises 31 representatives who are elected in the summer semester of every year. Among other tasks, this council is responsible for electing the AStA - the executive committee of the students' union and framing the budget of the student contribution from the semester fee.

The presidency of the student parliament

    Yael Lämmerhirt | President
    Tobias Huber | President
    Stephan Voeth | keeper of the minutes
    Katharina Faller | keeper of the minutes

Student parties represented in this council for 2023/2024:

FACHWERK (15 seats)

Jusos und Unabhängige (5 seats)

Liberale Hochschulgruppe (5 seats)

Linke Liste – SDS (3 seats)

The Party (3 seats)


Composition in previous legislatures


Minutes of the meetings

The minutes of the meetings are attached to the individual dates and can also be found here in the complete list.


Collection and documentation of resolutions

Resolutions that are passed in the meeting of the Student Parliament and which directly influence the work of the General Student Committee.

Resolutions from the student parliament

The resolutions passed in the StuPa are to be distributed independently by the respective applicants, unless otherwise specified in the resolution.


the meeting of parliament is held normally every month in semester. it is open for every student to be visitied

Current appointments and topics of discussion ( in German )

Mailing list

The mailing list is responsible for providing you with updates about the Stupa sessions.  You can subscribe or unregister here


Official Journal of the Student Body

All valid regulations and statutes of the student body can be found in the official journal of the student body