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Basically, all the students of a  particular study programme also belong to their respective department/faculty student association (Fachschaft in German). For example, the mathematic department student association comprises all the students at the mathematics department.

What do the active department student associations do?

The active department student associations take responsibilities in the university through various ways. On the whole, the different department student associations and their respective councils represent the interest of the students and the general student council at their respective faculties/institutes.

Correspondingly, the following responsibilities are taken care by them:

  • Organisational responsibility at the learning center in their respective faculty
  • Consultation for questions pertaining to study programme
  • Model examination papers

The list is long and also varies from one department association to another. Basically, any student , with his/her issues can approach the Fachschaft.This all  cannot be achieved alone and therefore voluntary helping hands are always welcome in their respective department associations.

Active Department Student Associations at TU Darmstadt

The updated list of all the department student associations (Fachschaft), you find in the wiki of Fachschaftenkonferenz of TU Darmstadt.