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Cooperation with Staatstheater Darmstadt

Since 2009, students of TU Darmstadt can visit unlimited number of events at Staatstheater Darmstadt for free .

This offer is valid also for premiere shows of theatre in the small house and for the Christmas tales. Excluded from this offer are further premiere shows , special events, guest events and shows for children. The entry tickets could be obtained as long as the seats are available 

New process since winter semester 2014/15

With the extension to online booking , the process is made simpler.

  1. You register in the Webshop of the Staatstheater
  2. You apply for a Unique code based on your customer reference number. There are two possibilities available for the same.    
    1. Online form from AStA . The code will be sent through E Mail by the theater ,  latest on the following opening day of the ticket counter 
    2. Alternatively, you get your unique code at the ticket counter of Staatstheater, on producing your student identity card 
  3. With the unique code, you receive a single ticket for any show ( except special shows and events ) free through the Webshop or at the ticket counter of the Staatstheater.

Please bring your student identity cards alongwith, when you visit the events, to enable a smooth entry from the Ticket controller. Students in cooperation study programmes with Goethe University Frankfurt must show their matriculation identities from the TU (available at Karo 5) 

When you want to visit the theater along with your friends , also students at the TU , a single person can book multiple tickets, provided that the respective unique codes have to given while booking online

When you want to spontaneously visit the theater, you have to get yourself a customer account with prior registration. With the customer reference number and our student id cards, we get the entry ticket and 

Online tickets must be printed and brought along with OR can be obtained at the counter for a payment of 2 €.