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Division for international Students:

The division of AStA for international students is responsible for providing consultations for international students.  Our representatives for international represent the interests of international students and take care of all the areas that concern international students and their problems. You can send your queries anytime to "> or ">

This division of AStA for international students supports the international student organizations and promotes dialog among them. Regular meetings are held for this purpose.

The responsible persons are Aleko Khen and Connor Salm.

Consultation hours :  by appointment.

Please contact us at:

Legal consultation:

Every second Monday at 5 pm, a lawyer will be at your disposal for all your legal questions regarding foreigners' rights and will advise you on all problems related to the residence permit. No appointment is required for the consultation. These are open talk times. Therefore, a prior appointment agreement is not necessary. The next appointments are held in the following dates in the AStA office (S103 | 62).


The project "TUtor International":

TUtor international promotes social, cultural and academic participation of international students in the TU Darmstadt. Especially, during the initial phase of the beginning of studies, we help them extensively - as contact persons, representative at the offices of Bank, Immigration office and of course as friends.

More information can be obtained from

You can also reach them through  ">

Wir laden euch ganz herzlich zur Vollversammlung der Studierendenschaft des Sommersemesters 2013 ein.


  • Hochschulwahlen 2013
  • Internationale Studierende an der TU - Tutor International
  • Anbindung Lichtwiese / Informationen des Verkehrsreferats
  • Schließung Vordiplom Architektur
  • Wohnraumproblematik

Ort:  Das letzte mal auf 603qm
Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013 - 14:00 bis 15:00



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