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University elections

03 - 06 June 2019 | 10:30 - 14:30 | Mensa Stadtmitte und HMZ Lichtwiese


Where and when does voting take place?

The university elections this year are from Monday June 3rd until Thursday June 6th. Polling booths where you can cast your vote are located in the Mensa Satadtmitte (Student Cafeteria Otto-Berndt-Halle) and in the Hörsaal- und Medienzentrum in the Lichtwiese (L4|02). Additionally, postal election is possible by filling out this form. The polling booths are open from 10:30 to 14:30 on the day of elections (Exception:Wednesday in the Stadtmitte from 10:00 to 14:00). In order to cast your vote, you must bring a photo ID (e.g. State ID, Passport) as well as your student ID. The Athenekarte is usually accepted as photo ID as well.


Who can vote?

All registered students at the TU Darmstadt. The simple rule is: if you have a student ID, you can vote. This includes Erasmus students as well as other international students.


Who elects who?


Elections at the central level

Universitätsversammlung/University General Assembly 

15 student representatives are elected to the University General Assembly ( UV ). This council  deals with the affairs, basically of interest to the university .The tasks, in particular are taking stances for the development at the university , teaching and research at the university 

Studierendenparlament /Student Parliament 

31 student representatives are elected to this council . Student parliament is the highest council of the student union and is elected every year. It is among other duties, responsible for the election of AStA - the executive committee of the students union and deciding the financial  budget with the  student contributions. 

At the central level, the following list are running:

Universitätsversammlung Studierendenparlament
FACHWERK Campusgrüne
Campusgrüne FACHWERK
Jusos und Unabhängige Jusos und Unabhängige
Linke Liste - SDS Linke Liste - SDS
Liberale Hochschulgruppe
DU - Die Unabhängigen Die Unabhängigen
  Liberale Hochschulgruppe

Wahlen auf Dezentraler Ebene

Fachbereichsräte /Faculty councils

The student representatives in the faculty council comprising the professors and students , are also elected during the elections.This council deals with the basic issues which concern the faculty department and do not come under the purview and responsibility of the Dean. This council is the highest deciding authority for the faculty. Among other tasks , it decides the examination rules , study curriculum rules, appointment of the appointment committee and employment of new lecturers, utilisation of funds from the department including that for the personnel costs and appointment of the exams committee. 5 students are respectively elected in each faculties 1,2, 4, 7, 13 und 16 and in the faculties 3, 5, 10, 11, 15, 18 and 20 respectively 3 students each . 

Joint commission of some faculties 

Student representatives to the common council of the following faculties  are also elected . For Computational Engineering ( CE ) and Mechanical Engineering respectively 3 students are elected and for Information Systems and Mechatronics respectively 2 students are elected 

Fachschaftsräte /Student council in every faculty 

Nine student representatives in every department are elected in the faculties 1, 2, 3, 16, 18 and 20.  Seven student representatives are elected respectively in faculties 4, 13 and 15 . In the faculties of 5, 7, 10 and 11, respectively 5 student representatives and in the faculty departments CE, Mechanical engineering and Mechatronics , respectively 3 students. 

Auf dezentraler Ebene wählt ihr eure Fachschaft:



Gemeinsame Kommissionen

Fachbereich 1 LAWINE LAWINE
Fachbereich 2 Fachschaft 02 Fachschaft 02
Fachbereich 3 FBR-03 (LaG + Pädagogik) Bildung
    (Psychologie) FSR – psychol
Fachbereich 4 Aktive Fachschaft Aktive Fachschaft
Fachbereich 5 ɸ ɸ
Fachbereich 7 Imperiale Sturmtruppen Imperiale Sturmtruppen
Fachbereich 10 Gorbato Gorbato
Fachbereich 11 MatGeo MatGeo
Fachbereich 13 FB13 FB13
Fachbereich 15 >>> Arch >>> ARCH
Fachbereich 16 masch+ masch+
Fachbereich 18 Fachschaftsgruppe ET Fachschaftsgruppe ET
Fachbereich 20 Aktive Fachschaft – D120 Aktive Fachschaft – D120
Studienbereich iST GK-iST FS-iST
Studienbereich Mechanik Cauchy Cauchy
Studienbereich Mechatronik GKMEC2018 GKMEC2018
Studienbereich ESE ESE-Kandidaten ESE-Kandidaten
Studienbereich CE ALICE ALICE
Fachschaftsrat LaB   Heimdall


Official information about the elections 

More information about the elections , complete list of the currently elected people and the election results of last year , you find it here in the website of the election office 

Voter turnout

The voter turnout numbers can be found on the Website of the election office 


Im Rahmen des Tags der Studierendenschaft (TdS) werden wir in einem kurzen Vortrag darstellen welche Gremien, Personen und Gruppen im Juni gewählt werden können. Im Anschluss wird genug Zeit für Fragen rund um die Wahlen, die zu wählenden Gremien und Gruppen sowie aktuelle Themen an der Uni sein. Es werden Studierende anwesend sein, die in der studentischen und akademischen Selbstverwaltung, also den verschiedenen Ebenenen der TU, aktiv sind.


05.06.2013 - 13:30 Uhr - 603qm


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