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Self Defense Workshop 18.04.

Empowerment Self-defense Workshop
Friday 18.04.24, 17:00 at Café Glaskasten, open for everyone

This Empowerment-Self Defense-Boundary Setting workshop is a unique opportunity to learn practical skills and strategies for personal safety, empowerment, and boundary setting. This workshop provides a toolbox of immediate mental, verbal, and physical responses to risky situations, from boundary violations and harassment. It offers basic physical self-defense techniques, assertive communication tools, and training in setting and recognizing boundaries. The training focuses on equipping participants with quick, easy solutions for situations of boundary crossing, as well as the psycho-emotional elements of self-defense and assertiveness. Whether you are looking to build confidence, learn self-defense techniques, or enhance your boundary-setting skills, this workshop is designed to empower and support you. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your personal safety and well-being. Join us and take the first step towards empowerment and self-protection!

For registration send an email to:

This workshop is organized in collaboration with h_da AStA.
Language of Workshop will be in English.


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