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University elections 2014

Why vote?

Who has not encountered this situation in summertime: the temperature rises up to 28°C in the shadow and the university's swimming pool or Herrngarten look very attractive to us. Well, so far we don't know for sure how the wheater is going to be between 23th and 26th of june 2014, but nonetheless we've got a hot tip for you: If you make your way to one canteen at Lichtwiese or Stadtmitte at noon, just cast your vote prompt and stressless in one polling place at a canteen during the university's elections! So you don't go to the canteen at noon? Then we have some good reasons for you to make your way to one polling station between 23th and 26th of june 2014 and to put your ballot paper into the voting box. To make a long story short: In this article we'll try to convince you of the significance of your vote and give reasons to walk to a polling station of university elections.

University is a living space

During your studies you spend a lot of time in university. You go to lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical courses or colloquia. You go for lunch in the cafeteria, participate in university sports, or maybe you participate in a student association or a political body of the university. Whatever you do in university: It is a fact that university policies have a big influence on your living and learning conditions at university.

Influence of university policies

Whether food in the cafeteria is affordable and at the same time healthy and tasteful, whether there is enough affordable living space for students in Darmstadt, whether there are enough seats at lecture rooms and whether the examination regulations are fair and suitable – all these are political problems which need to be solved by political bodies of the university. The way a problem is approached and which proposals are made for solutions is highly dependent on the representatives you vote for.

The first step of participation

To make sure that your ideas of a life at university are represented it is worth to voluntarily participate in a political university body or a political students association. You don’t have time for that or are not interested? Than you get the chance at least once a year to vote on the political direction of your university! You just need to go to the cafeteria from Monday 23th June to Thursday 26th June 2014 to get your voting documents and to vote! Your vote counts! You can decide who sits in the important bodies of the TU Darmstadt for one year.

Elections Paper

The elections paper has been released- both in German and English language, once again this year. You can download it here as PDF Document.

Presentation of the Elections lists

Inform yourself and go vote! Inform yourself through the websites of the various political groups which you can vote for at the university level about their political contents:

Jusos und Unabhängige:
SDS – Sozialistisch Demokratischer Studierendenverband:

Or on Social media.

Therefore: Do not hesitate – Cast your vote!