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AStA welcomes all the first semester students

AStA – the executive committee of the students' union, at the TU Darmstadt is very much committed for the international students and their various concerns.
Four dedicated AStA representatives for international students at the moment, from various countries, help in realizing this cause.

For helping the students who are in search of a room, AStA, in cooperation with the Studentenwerk Darmstadt, has established a hotline till October every day between 15 to 17 hrs, where two student assistants collect the Housing offers from private people.
Students can access/view the updated housing offers every day at the Studentenwerk office.

AStA has a range of offers for the benefit of international students.

One of the student representatives is always present to counsel the students on administrative issues concerning the University or any other issue within their purview

Timings: Tuesdays 15 to 17 hrs Place: AStA office Downtown (Stadtmitte), and also with prior appointment
Mail ID:

Lawyer services

Be it cases ranging from problems in the university, problems with neighbours, problem at your workplace, issues with the Foreigner's office to internet fraud, AStA provides with free services of first consultation from professional lawyers specialized in their respective fields.
Consultations happen with prior appointments for which the students can approach one of the offices of AStA either at Downtown (Stadtmitte) or at Lichtwiese campus


International student card, with which more than 37,000 student discounts can be made all over the Globe in more than 110 countries, can be ordered and obtained immediately at the AStA offices in Lichtwiese campus or at the Stadtmitte.
what do you need for getting that? A passport sized photo, 15 Euros, personal identity card and the proof of your matriculation at the university.

The Card is valid for 12 months beginning from the date of issue. For more information, visit

Financial support for the students in need/emergency

There is a minimal financial support for the students really in dire need, such that the cost of their housing rent or/and the cost of medical insurance would be covered for one time. This sum is directly transferred to the House owner /housing agency or the insurance company directly and at no time is the money payed directly in hand.

Also, under acute financial crisis, AStA bears the cost of the semester ticket and re-reimburses the students with this money on humanitarian grounds.

Mobility/Transportation offers

Be it renting a car at nominal prices, either for shifting your things or for personal reasons, or repairing your bicycle at the cycle workshop (Fahrradwerkstatt ”zwanzig°”) AStA makes it possible.

The semester ticket for the students of the university is being administered by AStA. In case of ill-health for three months and more, or during internships and exchange semesters, outside Darmstadt, the students can get the cost of semester ticket re-reimbursed.   


Fahrradwerkstatt ”zwanzig°”/ Cycle workshop

Repairing your bicycle on your own, with the able guidance of experienced persons is possible here. The tools are available for free and the accessories are available at nominal prices. It is most welcome to donate some money for buying the accessories.

For renting a bicycle, also visit


One of the most sustainable, environment-friendly methods of transportation is through using a bicycle. For the benefit of students , after more than two years of discussion and debating, this system of cycle rental has been established , in cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn and the city of Darmstadt.

Students can register this service online for free. For the first one hour , this service is available for free for all the students and renting further happens at nominal prices.

More information about the mobility offers can be obtained from

or write a mail to

Cultural offers

Be it partying at the underground student Party cellar ( Schlosskeller) , meeting a friend over a coffee at 60,3 qm , AStA makes it possible through its commercial management division.

To quench our thirst for theatre, art and music, AStA has a cooperation with Staatstheater Darmstadt where students can visit most of the programmes for free.
Efforts are being made to get the tickets for the events, online. It is said to take some more months

TUtor International

An independent project of AStA which helps students with befriending the language and culture and also to get accustomed to the education system here

TUtor international which supports social, cultural and educational integration of the students, cooperates with many other organizations like KHG, ESG, IGM, Studentenwerk and the international student organizations representing many countries.

The team comprises voluntary tutors from various countries who are tuned very much and are familiar with the issues concerning the international students

In particular, its efforts during the semester start for the new international students need a special mention.

An information stand by TUtor international in cooperation with Intercultural Tutor team from Studentenwerk, is already helping the new students with a lot of useful information. There was a joint event organized by TUtor International in cooperation with various different international student organizations.

For more information, please visit their FB page:

Accompanying service

To help students confront the challenges at the many official places like at Foreigner's office, at the Health Insurance company, opening a bank account, an accompanying service has been established till end of October, by the tutors to guide the new students to their respective places and speak on behalf of them.

what you have to do? Do register the form given below with necessary details and give more than one appointment if there is flexibility.

Some of the events of TUtor International popular among students include german learning made fun (Spielerisch Deutsch lernen), workshops, excursions to significant cities and country specific evenings with informative lectures, food and fun.

TUtor international also helps students with learning in some of the departments with the services of their Tutors

As a part of the AStA orientation offers for international students, TUtor International organizes two welcome days

18.10.14 Welcome day 2 '' Culture / Welcome to Germany ''

an intercultural workshop to discuss beyond the cliches and prejudices about the home countries, culture shock, new environment, new friends, get to know the cultural values, considered to be important will definitely be helpful for the leading a good life, carefully by not hurting the sentiments of the people here, and of course not to forget, fun

Venue: Katholische Hochschulgemeinde, Niederamstädter Straße 30, 64283 Darmstadt 
Time: 10:00 hrs to 17 hrs

AStA is not a pure service provider with customized solutions but a political representative of the students of the university to address their issues, in particular for the so called minorities.

For further information about the services and activities of AStA, please browse through the AStA website and feel free to write us to