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350 New Bikes for the Rental System and More Bike Stations

The new bike fleet for Call a Bike has been delivered on Wednesday, 15th of April 2015. 350 brand-new bikes substitute the bikes that have been in use untill now and can be found at all bike stations in Darmstadt. At the same time more bike stations are established at important spots like Landwehrstraße where the Department of Social Science and History has moved to and other institutes are located. Furthermore Nordbahnhof, Roßdörfer Platz and the Campus of Hochschule Darmstadt can be reached with a Call a Bike in a few days.

Call a Bike was introduced in Darmstadt in summer 2014 by AStA of TU Darmstadt. More partners like AStA of Hochschule Darmstadt and Evangelische Hochschule joined in quickly. The new fleet arrives because the old bikes have been in use for a longer time in other cities and finished there lifetime now. The local transportation company HEAG mobilo signed a contract with Deutsche Bahn. Now there are more partners involved and about 200 bikes were added to the pool. All bikes can be used in the first hour of each ride with no extra fee. You can find more information about sign-up and details in German language. If you have questions feel free to contact us via eMail at in English.