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Solidarity with the "academics for peace

The student Parliament of the TU Darmstadt declares its solidarity with the "academics for peace" and calls for an end to the war in the East of Turkey.

The student Parliament of the TU Darmstadt is committed to ensuring that the academic freedom, the freedom of the individual and the freedom of the press are respected all over the world. These fundamental rights are non-negotiable. Political disagreements should be held in each country in a civilized, democratic discourse. Not include war against its own people.

With the response to the attack by neighbours on the 20th July 2015, but at the latest by the de facto end of the so-called "peace process" with its Kurdish population before the Turkish Parliament elections in October 2015, deadly conflicts, where the victims among the civilian population, in particular are finding, are flashed again.

Already as part of the repressive and violent breakup of the Gezi Park protests 2013 is the authoritarian democracy in the Turkish Government, in particular with regard to freedom of expression and freedom of demonstration, become clear. 22 mostly young people died in the course of the protests, many others had to or have to answer in court and there is a climate of fear in the society.

With the same understanding of freedom of speech, the Turkish Government is now against the Kurdish movement and meets not only violent extremists, but also innocent civilians.

In the war between the Turkish Government and Kurdish population 170 civilians have been killed since autumn 2015. In response, more than 2000 Turkish and international scientists * indoor signed a call to the peaceful ending of the war.

The Turkish Government's response: were hundreds proceedings against undersigned initiates and arrested several dozen scientists * internal.

Academic freedom looks different! The freedom of science without fear of political persecution and reprisals caused an enlightened civil society.

The student Parliament of the TU Darmstadt declares its solidarity with the "academics for peace" as well as all other students and scientists * inside, who have to suffer from political persecution and restriction on their freedom of expression.

A Turkish proverb says: "Yurtta of joy dünyada joy, peace at home, peace in the world".

Student Parliament of the TU Darmstadt Darmstadt , 10.02.2016