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Reimbursement for the Semester Ticket


Semester ticket refund: Please put the tickets in the AStA mailbox at the post office in the old main building (S 1|03-78; post box no. 36) or send them by post.


All students pay a semester contribution during the enrollment at the university. This is distributed  for TU Darmstadt, Studentenwerk Darmstadt and the AStA TU Darmstadt, which also includes the contribution for semester ticket . The distribution can be seen here.

The semester ticket is a service for students based on solidarity principle and in comparison with the normal RMV Tariff, very cheap because it is collectively paid by all the students irrespective of the usage. In cases of financial hardships, it is not reasonable to buy the semester ticket. According to specific criteria given in the constitution for financial hardship (German) , it is possible to get your semester ticket cancelled and get the price reimbursed.

In the following situations, you have the right to apply for reimbursement of the cost for the semester ticket

Exchange semester abroad

When you are for a semester abroad for minimum three months, for your studies, you can apply for reimbursement of the money you had paid for your semester ticket. To easiest way to prove this is the letter of acceptance or enrollment certificate of the university you're studying at abroad.

Handicap/physically challenged

If you are in posession of an identity card for  severely disabled people, you can apply for a reimbursement provided that you can use the public transportation. We need a copy of your identity card for disabled people and the additional paper and the token mentioning your disability.

You get this token at the maintenance council. The validity of this token begins ideally with the semester ( 1. April or 1.October ). Discuss the details with the maintenance council so that you can use the public transportation at any time-

Doctoral research

If you are pursuing doctoral research at the university without any attendance obligations and you live outside the RMV area, you can apply for reimbursement.The foremost criteria is that you have to get the filled application form duly signed by your respective faculty offices. Proof of your residence can be submitted either by your personal identity card or by the copy of registration at the respective city office.

Holiday semester

If you applied for a holiday semester from the university due to health reasons, engagement with student groups. You can prove the status that you are in holiday semester through the letter which you receive from the university . If you have paid the fee for the following semester and then applied for a holiday semester, you would first receive your semester ticket. Then, you receive a second mail confirm/rejecting your status that your application for being in holiday semester is approved/rejected correspondingly. In certain cases, you might not receive the semster ticket. In such cases, write a mail to and we will try to clarify from the students admission office

Enrollment of study in two universities

If you are enrolled in two universities simulataneously, which are within RMV tariff region, you can apply for a reimbursement. You prove this by submitting the semster ticket issued by the second university. Obviously, you place an application in one of the student representative offices ( AStA ). Then, you get the fee which is minimum of the two reimbursed. Semester ticket of other universities cost the same. so, you can place an application very well here in TU Darmstadt .

NOTE : Do you study at TU Darmstadt and either at the  Hochschule Darmstadt,  Goethe-University Frankfurt,  Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences,  Hochschule RheinMain,  Hochschule Geisenheim,  Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt or at the  Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, you can also get your contribution paid to Studentenwerk reimbursed ( 80,00 €)

Do you study in a cooperation study programme between Goethe-University and TU Darmstadt, from semester to semester , you can also get your contribution for  administrative costs at either of the universitie(50,00 € ) reimbursed

On health grounds

If you could not use your semester ticket for atleast three months beacuse of health reasons, you can apply for reimbursement. Health issues cannot be prdicted in advance in most of the cases. Therefore, in contrast to the above mentioned reasons, you can apply for reimbursement in the following semester.The Doctor who had treated you should provide a letter stating that it was not possible for you to use the public means of transport within RMV region for more than three months

No reasons for reimbursement

When you do not use a semester ticket because, you like to always drive your car or you travel with Bahncard 100 or have bought any IC monthly travel card or you live directly near to the university, it is not a valid reason for you to get your money reimbursed. All the students of the university pay the contributions for the semester ticket on grounds of solidarity .

Students who are also working should not posses a RMV-Jobticket parallely. Employees can avail other subsidies or social allowances from their employers instead of a travel job ticket ( although they do not have absolute claiming rights for the same )

Since the introduction of the Deutschland Semester ticket, a thesis or internship where you live outside the RMV area of validity is not a valid reason for reimbursement anymore!

Procedure of Reimbursement

You apply via and load up the necessary proofs as scans. Further more we need the original copy of your student ID so that we can devaluate the semester ticket included on it.

You can either come to the AstA office and bring your student ID or send it by post to the following address:

AStA TU Darmstadt
Hochschulstraße 1
64289 Darmstadt

Your application will be approved as soon as we have received your semester ticket and the uploaded proofs are complete. If any proof should be missing, we will send you an E-Mail. The reimbursement will be transferred to your bank account after the devaluation of the ticket. You can pick up the devaluated ticket in our office or we send it to you by post if you mentioned an address in Germany with your application.

If you like to get your semester ticket devaluated in the AstA office and take it with you directly after that, you have to choose the „Vor-Ort-Verfahren“ when applying. In this procedure, we first check the proofs, approve your application and after that send you an E-Mail reminding you to hand us your semester ticket within the deadlines. If you have chosen the „Vor-Ort-Verfahren“ and plan to leave the Darmstadt region within short notice, it is saver to bring the ticket to our office before in order to meet the deadline.


  • Application in winter semester: Oktober 21 latest
  • Original copy of semester ticket has to be in the AstA office and all necessary proofs as scans in the online system on November 11 latest
  • Application in summer semester: April 21 latest
  • Original copy of semester ticket has to be in the AstA office and all necessary proofs as scans in the online system on May 12 latest

If you should have been ill, you do not have to meet those deadlines. In case of illness in summer semester, you have to meet the deadline for the following winter semester. In case of illness in winter semester, you have to meet the deadline for the following summer semester. Only in case of illness you can keep using the RMV public transportation, because you do not have to submit your student ID until the end of current semester.