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Nationwide semester ticket starting in Summer Semester 2024

Dear students,

Finally Politics agreed on something! And it's regarding students too! A nationwide semester ticket!

Following the decision of the student parliament on 5. December 2023 and consultation with the university, we can announce that we will be introducing the Germany wide semester ticket for the summer semester 2024.

The nationwide semester ticket in the solidarity model costs €29.40/month and the price is linked to the Deutschlandticket. This currently leads to an increase in the tuition fee  of around €5/month compared to the RMV semester ticket. The contribution for the semester ticket thus rises to €176.40/semester.

Questions? Understandable! We'll try to answer the most pressing ones:

Will the semester ticket be valid throughout all of Germany?

The area of validity of the semester ticket will be extended to all transportation organizations and lines participating in the Deutschlandticket offer throughout Germany. Further information can be found here.

How is the nationwide semester ticket issued?

The Deutschland-Semesterticket will be available as a mobile phone ticket. Similar to the upgrade ticket, it is available via a link that students can use to log in with the university's single sign-on.

What if I don't have a mobile phone?

The Deutschlandticket must be offered digitally by law. We are working with RMV on emergency alternatives to the mobile phone ticket: it will be possible to issue chip cards for people who do not have a mobile phone. We will also offer a refund option for people who are unable to use a mobile phone for health reasons. We are fundamentally opposed to the lack of non-digital alternatives and will begin a new round of negotiations as soon as the underlying legal requirements change.

What about reimbursement?

The refund option will generally remain in place. In particular, the following are excluded from the solidarity model

  • Students on semesters abroad and on leave,
  • Students who live abroad for at least 3 months during the semester,
  • Students who are enrolled at several universities at the same time,
  • Students who can prove with a medical certificate that they were unable to use public transport during the semester and
  • Severely disabled students according to SGB IX,
  • Students who receive the Hessen State Ticket and who can prove that they have not used the Germany Semester Ticket during the current semester.

When is the ticket valid from?

In contrast to the RMV semester ticket, the new ticket will only be valid from the start of the semester. The ticket will therefore be valid starting at the on 1. April 2024.

You can find more information about the new semester ticket here.
Questions about the new offer and other student mobility issues can be sent to !